Candidates can find many articles on how to prepare for FMGE, what to do, tips, strategies, tricks and what not? These topics help a lot in building the right strategy. But, however these are not sufficient because sometimes a candidate may commit some mistakes which could turn to be disastrous because things to be avoided were not mentioned anywhere. So here we are with things to be avoided at all costs while preparing for FMGE.

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What shouldn't be done during FMGE preparation?

1. Do not let your conceptual doubts persist.

Clear your doubts as soon as possible. If your concepts are not clear you won't be able to implement these concepts in corresponding problems and in return you will lose marks. So try to eliminate the existence of doubts.


2. Dump your shyness & ego

Never be shy or egoist when it comes to preparation. If you have any doubt solve it in the lecture class itself, no query is stupid.



3. Don't doubt yourself.

Believe in yourself and keep the spirit alive inside your heart. Though hard times will come when you can even think of giving up the idea of FMGE, but no, trust yourself and lay faith in your abilities and see the magic happen.

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4. Don’t read every topic in depth if you’re not already prepared

This does contradict point 1, but if you’re starting out your preparation now you don’t have time to study every topic in depth.


5. Don't be like my xyz topic is weak

Let’s demonstrate through an example. A Candidate finds SPM like a nightmare but all other subjects are very strong. He leaves it untouched and prepares the other topics. This candidate will have very low chances of cracking the exam. Please don’t do this because to secure a good rank you need to make sure your strong subjects are really strong and weak subjects are decent enough.


6. Don't just mug up concepts.

Study in smarter way, hard work will be more effective only if you execute it with smart strategy and with proper guidance. Mugging up will do no good to you. If you need someone to guide you, you can take assistance from our experts. As our experts are always there to sort out your troubles, all that you need to do is ask your doubt and get it cleared.


7. Don’t follow the sequence while answering exam

While attempting the exam don't just start solving questions in a sequence. Mark questions that are time-consuming and solve the once that you are comfortable with and are less time-consuming. You can come back to the marked questions later. For this to work you need to be familiar with the software used in FMGE exam. PrepLadder provides the only Mock Test Series that uses the same software and question pattern as in the real exam. 

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8. Don't go jumping from book to book.

Stick to one good book and follow it religiously. Don’t refer to multiple books they will do nothing except confusing you. Find out the good book. Take suggestions for the books to refer from your senior or mentor and go with it.

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9. Don't take things too personally.

Examination is a time based answering task, either you know the answer or not. When you know the answer, answer it quick and move onto the next and if you don’t know the answer then make a guess and move onto the next question quick.

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Don’t fall in love with question from the topic that you like the most also don’t bring in ego and waste time in fiddling with the difficult question. Be attentive, accurate and efficient while attempting the questions.

All the best for exam !