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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

A great degree of strenuous efforts and determination is required to qualify the FMGE exam. Majority of candidates prefer joining Coaching Institutes for FMGE preparation.

However, it is not a feasible option for everyone owing to the enormous fees charged by the Coaching Institutes. Further, a great degree of time is wasted while commuting to and from the Coaching Centre to your place. For all those aspiring to qualify the FMGE exam without coaching, this is indeed the right place.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the Tips through which you can qualify the FMGE Exam without Coaching.

Tips to Qualify FMGE without Coaching

We will now familiarize you with the Tips through which you can qualify the FMGE without Coaching:

I. Go Through Previous Year Papers and Identify the Most Important Topics

The first pre-requisite prior to commencing any preparation is to identify the Most Important Topics from examination perspective. Remember qualifying the exam demands to prepare only the Most Important Topics and not to prepare each and every topic of the syllabus. Therefore, the first step must be to go through the previous year papers and take down a list of the Most Important Topics with their approximate weight age. This activity will also familiarize you with the type and level of questions anticipated in the exam.

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II. Gather Good Study Material

The next step should be to gather some really good books from preparation perspective. Prefer to prepare the Theoretical portion from the Standard Books followed during the Graduation. This will help you attain a grip over the concepts. Besides the Standard Books, purchase some good MCQ Books for preparation.

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III. Make High Yielding Notes

Making notes is a vital part of the preparation. This is because this activity facilitates quick Revision and longer retention. Make notes of the Most Important Points of each concept. Further, it is essential that the notes are high-yielding, i.e. take notes in the form of short compact points rather than noting down complete paragraphs. Use different colored pens for taking notes. Further, only take notes of the Most Important Points and not each and every detail.

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IV. Stay Tuned to Discussion Groups and Forums

Remaining completely isolated from the outside world is not the correct strategy. To learn new shortcuts and tricks and get familiarized with new methods and questions, it is important to join discussion forums and groups on social media and other places on the web. Groups and Forums post some really helpful tips, strategies, quizzes, questions, etc. Therefore, remain tuned regularly to the Discussion Forums and Groups.

V. Set Goals Routinely and Track Your preparation

Developing a schedule on a routine basis can serve really helpful in keeping a track over your preparation. Maintain a list of items which need to be covered each day and keep on marking items on the list as and when you complete each topic. This activity will fill you with a sense of confidence and pride on seeing the ever diminishing list of topics. Perform this activity on a routinely basis to keep track of your preparation.


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VI. Frequent Practice

Practicing MCQs routinely is highly vital part of preparation. With a solely theoretical preparation, you cannot think of qualifying the FMGE. Therefore, practice MCQs on a routine basis after completing each Chapter/Topic.

VII. Go For Online Preparation

Pen and paper mode of preparation solely does not work in an online exam. It is imperative to develop familiarity with the online platform and learn Time Management skills and Accuracy. Attempt Online Mock Tests on a routine basis and keep track of your Strengths and Weaknesses. Strive to strengthen your weak areas and try to reduce your mistakes with each subsequent mock test attempt.

VIII. Solve Previous Year Papers of FMGE with Explanations

Solve previous year FMGE papers with explanations. This activity will familiarize you with the type of questions anticipated in the exam and difficulty level of questions. Study the previous year papers with explanations.

IX. Do Not Doubt Yourself

Do not lose self-confidence even in the worst times during the preparation. There will be many ups and downs during the times and for repeated exam takers, there will be instances of absolute hopelessness. However, do not lose your spirit and remain determined and courageous through the preparation. Implementing the Aforesaid Tips efficiently will definitely help you to qualify the upcoming FMGE without coaching.


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