Exam day is the day that decides your destiny. Last minute panic situations can extremely reduce confidence levels which can then affect performance in the exam.

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FMGE exam being quite tough, candidates tend to lose their interest on the day of exam. Candidates get anxious and ultimately are crestfallen. For some, exam halls are like dungeons. One must accept the fact that examinations are just a way to assess your preparations and so there is no need to get all stressed and anxious.

Through this blog, we will acquaint you about the important things that need to be remembered in examination hall.


1. Overcome Exam Anxiety

First and foremost is your behavior during exam. Try not to panic and anxious. This will just muddle up the things and can lead you to forget things which you may have learnt. Remember it’s just an exam, and not the end of your world. Keep your body and mind relaxed. Think in mind that you will do your best in exam. Believe in yourself because “If you believe you can, you’re halfway there”.

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2. Don’t get Confused

Mostly, examiner has predilection to put difficult questions in the beginning to confuse the candidate.  Don’t be disheartened in first 15-20 mins as it takes time to recollect what all have you studied. Just go through the paper and build confidence by reckoning the questions you can easily answer and are clear in your mind.


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3. Reread the Paper Thrice

Go through all the questions and mark those which you know and are confident about. Then again start from beginning of the paper. Within an hour, you are likely to recollect what you have studied and hence, are able to answer the questions you skipped. Proceed to the most complex questions at a later stage after attempting all the easier questions.


4. Look for Tricks

It’s highly recommended to go through the paper carefully. There may be hidden tricks that you may ignore due to exam anxiety. Your answer may differ if you misinterpret the question. For instance, a question like “which of the following is true except” may be misread and the word ‘except’ is mostly over looked which will definitely lead to incorrect answer. So try not to skip even a single word in the question.


5. Opt Wisely

Don’t jump to conclusions instantaneously. Take your time and go through each given option one by one. Carefully read the first option and rule out as you go through each option. Be quick but don’t hurry.

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