Now-a-days, cornucopia of exams consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs). Whether an exam is for admissions or recruitments, MCQs form the common pattern for all of these. Hence, they need to be approached in a different way in order to score well.

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Clearing the FMGE exam require good skills and better decision making  ability in selecting the correct answer promptly without sinking into guesswork. Despite the best preparation and hard work, candidates may be baffled by some tricky questions.

Here are few techniques that will add up in your preparation of solving MCQs:


1. Time management

Every MCQ needs an optimum time as more than sufficient time will make you perplexed whereas less than required will escort you to wrong answering. First mark those questions that you are sure of and leave the difficult ones for the last moment. Don’t spend time on such questions that is a sheer wastage of time. Effective time management is an indispensable strategy for every exam.

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2. First come, First mark 

Always follow your intuition. Most of the time, the first answer that comes to your mind is usually the correct choice. Therefore, first weightage must be given to that choice. Preparation along with gut feeling will definitely score you a point.


3. Method of exclusion 

It is advisable to go through each option one by one and keep excluding the ones that are not appropriate. Select the option logically and opt the one which is near to what you have studied related to that topic.


4. Don’t be a despondent

Brain stores everything in its subconscious mind, therefore, by reading the options again and again, answer will automatically click in your mind. Look out for the trick in the question and answer it accordingly. Don’t be downhearted by the difficult question. Don’t be afraid of failure by simply judging the difficult questions. No paper can defeat you until you accept defeat.


5. Benefit of NO negative marking

Don’t panic seeing the difficult questions as there are few questions you may not know, so it’s a boon for FMGE aspirants that there is no negative marking. First answer the questions you are confident about and then resort to the difficult ones and answer them by a logical guesswork.

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We hope that this blog will provide you some important points in solving MCQs which will be found supportive during your exam preparation.

All The Best 

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