Hello,I'm studying mbbs second year now ! (3rd sem) i want to do pg in india . when should i start preparing and what are the methods of preparation ??
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    Thursday, January 28 2016 - #permalink
    Sir u are in 3rd sem it will be good time for u to start your preparation.
    Try to finish 1st and 2nd year subjects MCq.
    It will help u in your final year
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    Friday, January 29 2016 - #permalink
    contrary to what people would say that you should start solving mcqs from now i would say focus on the reading standard text books not just for exam sake but read them like your life depends on it and everything will take care of itself.
    Now i am saying that because your UG knowledge is going to bail you out of this shit storm you will face after final mbbs.Gone are the days when cramming MCQ could it for you.Now a days hardly 20-30 q are repeated in Aipgmee(which you can solve if your basics are good enough)
    so just remember its all about basics..read ..read and read....no matter how many mcq books you solve nothing helps you but your knowledge.
    eg nov 15 aiims.
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    Saturday, February 06 2016 - #permalink
    Hello Dr...

    Earlier the Easier is answer to ur tough question... However u need concrete plans ...

    visit facebook.com/PGMEEQuest for books to refer

    https://pgmeequest.wordpress.com for your answer...

    also join a coaching class recommended PGEI/DAMS .. they orient you to pattern of exams ... but classes prove their necessity only when student is in Final yr or Intern ..
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    Tuesday, February 16 2016 - #permalink
    According to me, right now you should concentrate on building strong basics in fundamental subjects. PG prep should start after 7th sem. And by that time you should have good theoretical knowledge of all MBBS subjects.
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    Sunday, February 21 2016 - #permalink
    U shd concentrate on 2nd yr subjects only. Try to read as much as possible from standard buks like robbins, ananthnarayan,kdt,reddy . It is sufficient . Start overlooking mcq buks like arvind arora,govind garg frm 5 th semester. Hav reptd overview of robbins and anantnryn diagrams as diagram based questions are being askd frm these buks only .
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