Dr. Rajesh K Kaushal


Hyderabad, Thrissur

About Faculty

Rajesh K Kaushal is the Director of Human Anat Academia, the Institute involved in providing comfortable environment for learning Anatomy through modernized lectures conducted throughout India and abroad for the PG aspirants preparing for developments which have been taking place in the field of Anatomy and related department. This is reflected in his teaching and the book as well. Hs MD thesis topic was ‘Immunogenetic Study of Autism through Flowcytometric Analysis’ in Department of Anatomy, All India institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

He has been teaching Anatomy to PG Aspirants for the past 16 years and is actively engaged in taking interactive classes in the Indian states and abroad, teaching 5,000 students on an average, each year. His approach towards the subject goes by the slogan HAMS-Human Anatomy Made Simple !,which is evident in his classes, students’ reviews, and presently, in his book as well.

Hyderabad (19 Sept to 22 Sept, 2019)

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, King Koti Road, Bashirbagh

Thrissur (05 to 08 Sept, 2019)

Green Mythri, 3rd Floor, PSC Bank, Athani, Thrissur

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