Books play an integral part in the preparation for any competitive exam. With the changes in the examination pattern for NEET SS, many aspirants are confused as to which to follow for their exam preparation. 
The market is flooded with various books for the NEET SS Exam Preparation. The main aim of this blog is to acquaint you with the best books NEET SS Pediatrics. We have prepared a list of the best books as per our detailed analysis and expert guidance.

Best Books for NEET-SS Pediatrics

General Pediatrics

Follow Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

  • Have a look at the figures of Nelson Text Book.
  • Go through the tables, bold lines.


  • Reading Nelson Textbook part of Neonatology + Cloherty Manual of Neonatal Care (8th edition) is a must.
  • If you have a good hold over the above mentioned 2 books, you can quickly go through Meherban Singh book of Neonatology and Avery’s textbook of Neonatology.


Read Nelson part of Gastroenterology + Gastroenterology by A. Rujaz. The same applies to Hepatology as well.


Read Nelson part of Cardiology along with Neonatal Cardiology from Cloherty & Meherban Singh. Also, read Park’s Cardiology textbook along with Ghai’s Cardiology. 


  • Read Nelson textbook Oncology part.
  • Go through Lanzkhowsky’s Manual of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology + Oncology part of Harrison.


Go through at least one undergraduate book. You can choose a book written by one of the following authors:

Kiran Shankar Das

Taruna Mehra

Arvind Arora

Also, read the recent advances and changes in the guidelines.

Concise all the important points from different books into one so that it becomes easy to revise. If you are a late runner, then we would advise you not to read too many books.

A complied List of Important Books you can refer to

  • Pediatric Primacy Care by Burns
  • Scotts Pedia Tricks
  • Pediatrics by Bernstein
  • Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics
  • OP Ghai
  • Nelsons Pediatrics
  • Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatrics
  • Cloherty Manual of Neonatal Care


We would suggest you practice few mock tests before the actual exam to familiarize yourself with the changed exam pattern. Practising a Test Series will help you to implement your knowledge of theory.

Be confident & keep working hard.

Best Wishes

Team PrepLadder

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NEET SS Preparation Tips

The unprecedented situation arising from the outbreak of COVID-19 has created several hardships and led to some major setbacks across the globe. Our work and plans have not remained unaffected either. As medical practitioners, members of our SS Dream Team are busy performing COVID duties and this has caused an unexpected delay in the release of the SS content.

NEET-SS is a single-window entrance examination for all Super Specialty DM/MCh courses in the country, NBE i.e. National Board of Examination conducts this exam. Around 40% of the questions in the exam are from all the eligible feeder broad speciality course(s). The remaining 60% are asked from the super speciality course selected by the candidate.

This blog consists of all the important books to be focused on for this exam and moreover what would be the expected pattern for the NEET SS exam.

NEET SS 2021 Expected Exam Pattern

A NEET SS aspirant has the liberty to choose a maximum of two super specialities for which they are eligible in NEET SS 2021. Please note that there will be a separate question paper for each of the super speciality courses or clubbed groups. The detailed exam pattern for the NEET SS 2021 is mentioned below:

1.The exam will be divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. 40% (40 Questions) of the total questions will be asked from all the eligible feeder broad speciality course(s).

2. The remaining 60% (60 Questions) will be asked from the super speciality course selected by the candidate at the time of online submission of the application form.

3. Part A will comprise questions from only one broad speciality. For Super-speciality programs having multiple feeder broad speciality courses, Part-A will comprise questions from all the eligible feeder broad speciality courses.

4. For Part B, questions will be asked of PG Exit level and will include topics from clinical practice and basic sciences as applied to the concerned super-speciality.

5. The time allocated for Part A is 45 minutes while the time allocated to Part B will be 60 minutes.



Mode of Examination


Type of Questions


Number of Questions


Languages of Question Paper


Mark for each correct answer

4 Mark

Negative Marking

Yes (25% i.e 1 Mark)

Maximum Marks

100 Marks

Duration of Paper 1

 1.45 Hours

Duration of Paper 2

3.30 Hours


Important books to be followed for NEET SS Medicine Exam

Given below are the answers to all your questions regarding the books you need to follow to start your NEET SS Medicine Exam preparation journey

1. Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine

According to PrepLadder's analysis from the previous years' exams, direct questions have been asked from Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine that included the main chapters. As per analysis, questions were seen directly from Harrison's sentences or paragraphs. Thus, it is advisable to focus on "Harrison".

2. Book of MCQs by Prof. Ajay Mathur

The book of MCQs by Prof. Ajay Mathur is based on Harrison's. It comprises system-wise & chapter wise coverage of MCQs from Harrison. One should emphasize this book along with Harrison's Textbook of internal medicine. It is surely going to benefit you the most.

3. MCQ books in Medicine by Deepak Marwah & Mudit Khanna

The MCQ book by Deepak Marwah is another book of choice that includes recently asked NBE pattern MCQs for postgraduate entrance examinations along with image-based questions.

At last, we would again suggest you have crystal clear concepts of Harrison's Textbook of Internal Medicine along with MCQs book by Prof. Ajay Mathur based on Harrison. One should also read the MCQ book by Deepak Marwah as it contains the latest NBE pattern questions.

Hope this blog will help you in your preparation. Prepare wisely.

Keep Following PrepLadder!

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After receiving a great response to the important topics and expected exam pattern for NEET-SS Surgery, we have now come up with a list of important topics for the NEET-SS Medicine exam

The NEET SS 2021 exam pattern will help you to understand the structure of the examination. NEET SS is a national level entrance exam conducted for admission in DM/ M.Ch courses. Around 40% of the questions asked in the exam are from all the eligible feeder broad speciality course(s).