Is DNB SS equivalent in value to DM/MCH? This is a question that often comes to the mind of every Super Speciality aspirant. However, there are a few differences between the two that is important for you to know.

To assist you in opting for DNB SS or NEET SS, we have compiled a few advantages along with some of the disadvantages of choosing DNB SS in this blog.


An Easy Entry & Hassle-Free Work Bond

This is the most common reason for someone to choose DNB. The first preference of SS aspirants is for  DM/MCH. Thus, admission in the same stream in DNB is slightly easier. If you want a particular branch like urology or cardiology, it is easier to get it in DNB.

Latest technology & High-end instruments 

Some of the latest procedures, such as surgical techniques, medical advances, and expensive investigations are more commonly done at private hospitals that offer DNB SS. Hence, this provides good exposure.

Better Management & infrastructure 

In many private hospitals that have DNB SS, the management of the case is on par with the international standards with world-class infrastructure.

Recognition abroad 

Some countries have started recognizing DNB from India. Therefore, if you aim at working abroad, you should go for a DNB degree.



Teaching job in Medical College 

Some medical colleges demand work experience from DNB holders who want to start teaching and DM/MCH degree holders are given a slight preference over DNB SS. 

Less surgical exposure

In some institutes, DNB residents are not given enough exposure and independence while working especially in surgical branches in private hospitals where hands-on work is given in very few centres. Thus, there’s Less patient exposure (depending on the hospital though, in some trust hospitals patient exposure and the variety of surgeries is better than government hospitals). 

Low pass rate 

The final exam is considered tough and the pass rate is generally much lower as compared to DM/MCH.

Now that you know the merits and demerits of DNB SS, make a well-informed decision about your career.

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