The unprecedented situation arising from the outbreak of COVID-19 has created several hardships and led to some major setbacks across the globe. Our work and plans have not remained unaffected either. As medical practitioners, members of our SS Dream Team are busy performing COVID duties and this has caused an unexpected delay in the release of the SS content.

We regret the inconvenience caused due to this and assure you, we are doing our best to complete all content by 1st June 2021. Also, do not worry we have got you covered. To ensure that your study continues unhindered amidst these troubled times, PrepLadder is offering all existing and new premium subscribers, FREE validity on SS Dream Pack until the content is complete on the app. What does this mean? It means that the validity that you opted for will begin only when complete video content is available on the app. So, until then you can access all the existing content for free and get started with your preparation.

Share this news with your friends and peers too. Let them know that this is the right time to enroll for PrepLadder SS Dream Pack. The subscription validity will begin only after the complete content is updated on the app. Plus, they can not only get great deals on subscriptions but also start accessing the content right away. It’s a good deal, isn’t it!

Additionally, each successful referral can earn you an additional 10 to 30 days validity. Want to know more? Read here.

As they say, “Alone we are strong, together we are stronger.” So, let’s get stronger together. Let’s keep dreaming and achieving!

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