For all Super Specialty DM/MCh courses in the country, NEET-SS is a single window entrance examination. NBE i.e. National Board of Examination conducts this exam.

As NEET SS has already been conducted for the first time this year in the month of June, thus according to the analysis this blog will give you an essence about what you should expect in NEET SS for next year. This blog consist of all the important books to be focused on for this exam and moreover what would be the expected pattern for NEET SS to be conducted next year.

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NEET SS consists of 200 MCQs that needs to be done in a span of 150 minutes. It may be difficult to complete 200 MCQs in 150 min, thus one should have decent time management skills and should be able to maintain a proper pace while attempting the questions.

There shall be a negative marking of 25% for every incorrect answer. No deduction of marks will be done for unattempted questions.


Important books to be followed:

NEET SS has already been conducted once so according to PrepLadder’s analysis, direct questions were asked from Harrison’s textbook of Internal Medicine that involved main chapters as well as e-chapters. As per analysis, questions were seen directly from Harrison’s sentences or paragraphs. Thus, it is advisable to focus on “Harrison”.

Furthermore, there is one book of MCQs by Prof. Ajay Mathur that is based on Harrison’s. It comprises of system wise & chapter wise coverage of MCQs from Harrison. One should emphasize on this book along with Harrison’s Textbook of internal medicine. It is surely going to benefit you the most.

Some questions have also been asked directly from MCQ books in Medicine by Deepak Marwah & Mudit Khanna. MCQ book by Deepak Marwah is another book of choice that includes recently asked NBE pattern MCQs for post graduate entrance examinations along with image based questions.

It has been noted that about 10 MCQs were asked from PSM with main emphasis on epidemiological studies and statistics.


Expected number of questions:

Out of total 200 questions, we should expect approximately following numbers of MCQs from each section:

  1. Cardiology : 30
  2. Neurology : 25
  3. Haematology : 25
  4. GIT + Liver : 25
  5. Endocrinology : 20
  6. Nephrology + Fluids & Electrolytes : 25
  7. Respiratory : 20
  8. Miscellaneous (PSM, Genetics, Rheumatology, Nutrition, Infections not covered under different systems) : 30


At last, we would again suggest you to have crystal clear concepts of Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine along with MCQs book by Prof. Ajay Mathur based on Harrison. One should also read MCQ book by Deepak Marwah as it contains latest NBE pattern questions.

Hope this blog will help you in your preparation. Prepare wisely.


More Updates Will Follow..

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Registrations now open for "DNB SS Pro Pack 2018"

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