NEET-SS examination is a sole window for admissions in super-specialty in various Government and Private medical colleges in India. In June 2017, NBE conducted this exam successfully.

NEET SS consists of 200 MCQs that are to be attempted within 150 minutes which is quite tough, and therefore, one should have a definite strategy along with time management skills in order to maintain a proper pace while attempting the questions. So, practice is essential which you may do by enrolling in various test series.

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Moreover, there shall be a negative marking of 25% for every incorrect answer, so it is better to be specific and accurate in the questions you attempt to score a high rank.

Once the result was declared i.e. on 15th July, PrepLadder consulted successful aspirants with a view to familiarize their readers as to what one can expect in NEET-SS for next year.

Earlier, exam used to be of specific super specialty; however for NEET-SS, you must cover up the entire General Surgery along with all its fields, which makes it more difficult on the whole.

This blog includes important books that should be focused to prepare surgery for this exam along with the expected number of questions from various sections under surgery.


Important Books to be referred:

According to PrepLadder’s analysis, as NEET-SS has already been conducted once, various questions were asked from Love & Bailey and Sabiston’s Textbook of Surgery that involved important chapters; Neurosurgery being one of them. Several questions were asked from Neurosurgery while in last year’s DNB CET SS, a lot of questions were asked from CTVS. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on Sabiston’s and go through Love and Bailey in between the lines repeatedly.

Moreover, there is a MCQs book by Dr. Pritesh Singh that is based on Sabiston’s. It includes system-wise and chapter-wise coverage of MCQs from Sabiston. One must emphasize on this book as well along with Sabiston’s Textbook of General Surgery and Campbell’s Urology. It will surely benefit you the most.

Another book that can be referred to is Schwartz's ABSITE board review and pre-test series.


Expected Number of Questions:

According to our analysis, one can expect approximately following numbers of MCQs from each section out of total 200 questions:

  1. CTVS: 25
  2. Neurosurgery & Head and Neck surgery: 35
  3. GIT & Hepatobiliary: 50
  4. Endocrine surgery: 15
  5. Urology: 25
  6. Plastic surgery: 10
  7. PSM: 10
  8. Miscellaneous: 30


Last piece of Advice:

It is recommended that you acquaint yourself well with topics from Love & Bailey and Sabiston’s Textbook of General Surgery along with MCQs book by Dr. Pritesh Singh i.e. based on Sabiston.

We hope this blog will assist you in preparing surgery thoroughly for NEET-SS.


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