Whether DNB SS is equivalent in value to DM/MCH is the question that often comes in the mind of every Super Speciality aspirant. However, there are a few differences between the two that you would like to know.

With a view to assist you in opting DNB SS or NEET SS, we have compiled few advantages and disadvantages of choosing DNB SS over NEET SS in this blog.

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  1. Easier entry and choice of branch - This is the most common reason for someone to choose DNB. Most top rankers in NEET SS will choose DM/MCH. Thus, admission in the same stream in DNB will be a little easier. If you want particular branch like urology or cardiology, it is easier to get it in DNB.
  2. Latest technology - Some of the latest procedures, surgical techniques, medical advances, and expensive investigations are more commonly done at private hospitals where there is DNB SS. Hence, this will provide good exposure.
  3. Management as per guidelines and better infrastructure - In many large private hospitals which have DNB SS, the management of the case is on par with international standards with world class infrastructure.
  4. Inexpensive – For DNB SS, only the yearly stipulated fee is to be paid and compared to the fees charged by private medical colleges, it is a very small amount.
  5. Recognition abroad - Some countries have started recognizing DNB from India. Therefore, if you aim at working abroad, go for DNB degree.



  1. Teaching job in Medical College - Some medical colleges demand work experience from DNB holders who want to start teaching and moreover, DM/MCH degree holders are always preferred over DNB SS.
  2. Less surgical exposure - In some institutes, DNB residents are not given enough exposure and independence while working especially in surgical branches in private hospitals where hands on work is given in very few centres.
  3. Low pass rate - The final exam is considered tough and the pass rate is generally much lower as compared to DM/MCH.
  4. Less recognition among the general public about DNB degree – Due to this, a doctor might face some difficulty early on if he/she starts a private clinic as everyone in big cities are now aware about DM/MCH.


It is known that exam of DNB SS is held in Nov-Dec once every year whereas, NEET SS was held for the first time in June 2017. Also, as you now know the merits and demerits of DNB SS and NEET SS, make an informed decision about your career.

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