As the counseling for admission to super specialty courses is ongoing, aspirants are concerned about selecting an institute of their choice as it is one of the momentous decisions in shaping their future.

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Thus, it is essential for a student to be well-informed about the details of the various institutes providing these super specialty courses to help them in deciding their future institute.

PrepLadder leaves no stone unturned with a view to clear the path for its avid readers and thus, has come forward with the detailed information of each institute in a simplified manner which was provided by the Medical Counseling Committee on its official website.

This initiative will allow the aspirants desiring for super specialty seats to view the detailed profile about the institutes falling under counseling, including its fee, bond conditions etc., which will help them to determine the institute of their choice, according to their preference, for pursuing super specialty courses.


Here are the Details of Institutes:

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For a better view of the list, we would suggest you to use a laptop/desktop.

A spoonful of sugar helps medicine to go down, thus, we hope this initiative will surely benefit you in decision-making of pursuing super specialty course among the listed institutes.   


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